Thursday, July 17, 2008

We just might...

have a little fish on our hands! I had mentioned in an earlier post that Brenly was going to start swim lessons this week...and I was alittle concerned, seeing as how she HATES to have water anywhere near her face! I felt that we had made a little progress when she decided that taking a shower was fun, but was still somewhat apprehensive about the upcoming lessons! I took her yesterday and got to watch her and I have to say that she is doing really well! I mean, we have a ways to go, but I at least want her to be ale to be in the water without being so nervous! We met Grace there and they started their lesson with Mrs. Kim...and she is so good with both of them! The pool has no stairs to get into the water, it is just real shallow at the front and the farther you walk the deeper you go! So she has them walk get on their hands and walk in the shallow water like an alligator and splash their tails (kick their) feet

and every so often, they had to dip their face in and catch some fish (get their mouth and nose wet) after they had gone across the pool and back, Brenly let out this HUGE burp and we realized that she was REALLY trying to catch fish and she was opening her mouth and drinking the water (Praise the Lord for a good immune system!)

Anyway the fact that she got her face wet enough to get her mouth in the water is an improvement! She was teaching them to lay on their backs

and walking in the deeper water where it is just above their shoulders!

They played Hot potato with some balls in the water, she would throw them so that water WOULD splash in their face and they both did great with it!

And I can only hope that they continue to get better with every lesson!

P.S. Avery and Brody did good as well...They both were very patient while their sisters were in the pool!


Amy said...

Looks like her lessons are going really well! Way to go Brenly!!!

Shannon said...

I am so proud of Brenly!! She is doing great

Anonymous said...

Do you think that you could take some shampoo with you to swim lessons and let Mrs. Kim wash her hair. Two birds/one stone?