Sunday, July 6, 2008

A long weekend...

full of camping. (I feel like I am WAY behind on my posting-so I am going to have several!) MiMi and Grandfather came down on Wednesday with their camper and set up at Chickasaw State Park (which is only 15 minutes from our house) Thursday was Grandfather's Birthday so we had birthday dinner here at the house and then Brenly went back with them to "camp" most of the weekend! She LOVES camping, outdoors, nature, bugs, fishing, etc...It is right up her alley! On the 4th, we drove to the campground and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and then Ray had to leave for work...The girls proceeded to drive to Arlington for fireworks fun (another post) and then back to the camper! Saturday we grilled out here and my brother and his family came out (yet another post) and as MiMi, Grandfather and Bren left for the campground AGAIN, we had visitors(and another post) then we spent the evening back at the campground (and yet another post!) Today was church and back home for an afternoon of rest and relaxation before we rev up for another exciting work week! It has been a very busy (as you can read)however very fun LONG weekend, of no work, family and friends and memories, with I am very fond of! I hope that yours was just as fun and exciting! I will leave you a few pictures (for this post and start on my list of many more that I need to catch up on! NOTICE that I had to remember exactly which posts I have missed and make reminders for myself!)

Avery at the "waterin hole"

Precious Sisters

The girls and their MiMi

Brenly in the hammock...where she slept for 2 Hours

because Grandfather sat here and "rocked" her..Spoiled rotten child

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