Monday, April 28, 2008

Tonsils, Tires and Teeth

So this past week Ray was in Middle Tennessee for Boating week (yet another week of training about boat crash scene investigation and boating under the influence) and it was also the week that both kids were sick, I had a major tire problem and Avery got another tooth! Which only makes sense because the kids ONLY get sick when he's gone...AND I ONLY have car problems when he is gone! (Praise the Lord he has no more training left!) Anyway Tuesday night Brenly woke up in the middle of the night screaming that her throat hurt! I automatically know that it is her tonsils, because she has, quite possibly, the BIGGEST tonsils I have ever seen. Even on a good day, when she isn't sick, they touch her uvula (the hangy down thing in the back of your throat, for all you non dental people) and then when she gets the least bit sick, they constrict her airway and cause her to gasp for breath at night! So I decided that I was going to take both of them to the doctor on Wednesday (Avery has been very fussy, with green snot and small fever!) So I will take my day off and spend it at the pediatrician, why not?? In the meantime, on the way to the doctor I noticed that my tires are sounding weird...THUMP, THUMP, THUMP isn't exactly a noise that I am used to while driving, so I then decide to use the rest of day off to take my car in to get my tires diagnosed! So we arrive at the pediatrician to find out that Avery is just snotty and Brenly has very LARGE tonsils...I mean, did I really need to spend $40 in co-pays to get that info. Anyway, Dr. Miller said that we need to make an appt. with the ENT to further investigate the situation (Her appointment with Dr. Dunkin is Today 4/28 at 1:00) So we will see what he says this afternoon. I am certainly not a proponent to cutting on my baby unnecessarily, however I think that this might be a time when it would be worth it to go ahead and get them out! So off to Gateway Tire on Highway 64,. I walk in and tell them that my tires sound funny (Keep in mind that I am the most mechanically ignorant person you know!) and that I might need them balanced and rotated or something, and while they are at it, they can go ahead and change the oil! After 30 minutes and a trip to Sonic with the girls (it was right next door..and what better way to keep them quiet than to give then ice cream , right?) we paid for the services and were on our trek to Hardeman Co. However shortly after we left, I STILL heard the THUMP, THUMP, THUMP that I heard before! And I didn't like the way it sounded. I get home and call Ray (because like I said, it is ONLY when he is gone that I seem to have these problems) He tries to walk me through diagnosing the problem myself...again I am NO mechanic. I then call my father in law and he too tries to diagnose the problem over the phone! I go outside and start to look for myself (which cracks me up, that I might know what to look for!) I go outside and there is a stinkin nail in the side of my tire...and yes, I suppose that I could've gotten it on the way home from Gateway Tire, however it was completely worn down on one side, so I have to think that its been in there for a while! So I already know that I am going to have to make a trip back to the tire store , since i DID diagnose at least one of the problems by myself! I was going to get to work and take my lunch hour to get it fix. Well, Thursday morning after driving the girls to Denise's house, it was sounding even worse, so I decide to look at my tires again and found that there was a 6in X 6in. section of tread missing from my car, with steel tread stuff coming out of my tire...aka a blow out waiting to happen! AND there is NO way that any tire person that looked at it couldn't have seen it! So I call work and try to explain to them that I would be late... I made it safely to the Gateway Tire store on Covington Pike... I walked in and stated furiously what has happened in the last 14 hours. They said they would look at the tire...come to find out, the tire was BAD, the guy even said that he was surprised that I made it in safely (Thank you God that you were with us all the way into town) And that I would need not one but two tire! SO what in the heck did they do at the 64 store..ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I was so mad that I had taken my car in because even I knew that there was a tire problem...only to be sent away with 2 tires that could've blown at any minute! The Covington Pike store called the 64 store and found out that Randy...the guy who supposedly looked at the was his first day on the job! And I understand that everybody has to start sometime, however I also believe in somebody checking his work to make sure that he is doing did job correctly! What a 24 hour period that was. After work Thursday night, I was playing with Avery and decided to check her teeth and would you believe that my precious baby girl has a MOLAR...She doesn't even have the lower lateral incisors yet, but she cut her upper right molar...why is it the my children-the children of a hygienist-cut teeth all wrong! (Hence the eruption chart that I have posted at the top! It might come in handy for some of you!) So no wonder the child has been fussy as all get out! Molars are pretty hard teeth to cut! So there is a synopsis of my week of drama...It tends to hang around our house ALL THE TIME! But there will be a day when I will look back and miss all of these times! Lord, help me to remember the good times and the bad, for one day I will yearn for Brenly wanting me to hold her in the middle of the night with a sore throat, and wishing that Avery were still young enough to cut molars! I want to live each moment, carving them deep in my memory bank, so that I will never forget these days!

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Misty LaDean said...

FUNNY that you think we all needed a map of what our mouths look like and, what, are you ASHAMED to point out that you spent the first wonderful half of your crazy day off with ME, I'm just saying... Incredible Pizza... whatever.