Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Momma! I know that you are so excited!

I cannot believe that the Tigers have finally made it! I am VERY jealous that My brother and his wife (Chad and Ronni) and Richie and Christy left yesterday after church to drive to San Antonio to watch the game! For those of you who knew my mother, she was one of the BIGGEST tiger fans ever. She absolutely loved to watch them...I have very vivid memories of her sitting on the couch screaming REBOUND so loud that they neighbors could hear her, as if she was actually at the game! Chad and I both knew that if a tiger game was coming on that we could be no where near her because she would punch our arm so if that was going to help them gain a victory! Anyway, how awesome that they are playing in the championship game tonight and it happens to be her birthday! She would have been 59 today! I know that this is the best birthday present ever and I guarantee that she WILL be in San Antonio with my brother, except she'll have much better seats...She'll be sitting on the Front Row :)
Momma, we love you very much and still miss you, now more than ever! I hope that you have the best birthday ever...and I am sure that even I might be able to hear you scream REBOUND tonight! I can't wait to hear you!
Alittle P.S. Keep in mind that the picture was taken in 1999 and and I am positive that Blue Jean dresses were very "IN" then (HA!) This was the last picture that was taken of mom before she went home to be with the Lord! (yes, my momma was headed to church just a week before she slipped into a coma...she always did love her Jesus!) I had come down from upstairs and we were ready for church...AND dressed alike! I promise that we didn't plan it, for I am sure that dressing like you mom was "NOT IN"...however it is another memory of mom that I will cherish forever!

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Misty LaDean said...

That is AWESOME and a tear jerker! Now I want them to win more than ever! Happy Birthday "Kim's mom"!