Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pictures as Promised!

Believe me when I say that these pictures are not for the weak stomach...Please properly prepare your self for what you are about to see....These are pictures of my Brenly's tonsils (aka balls in the back of her throat! Thats what she calls them) Just a quick funny story to make you smile before you have to see these pictures...
Wednesday when I told Brenly that we were going to have to go to the Dr. to check on her tonsils...she started crying, saying that she didn't want to have to go to the doctor! She couldn't grasp the concept of tonsils, so I asked her to come to the mirror so I could show her what I was talking about! the conversation went like this:
Me: Open your mouth so I can show you what I am talking about
(Brenly opens her mouth)
Me: See those balls in the back of your throat?
Bren: Balls in my throat?
Me: Yes, do you see the balls right beside the hangy down thing in your throat?
(Bren looks in her mouth again)
Bren:Why do I have balls in my throat?
Me: Those balls are make your throat hurt, so we are going to have to get them taken out...Its not good to have big balls in your throat
Bren: Do you have balls in your throat?
(she looks in my mouth to see that I don't have balls)
Me: I don't have balls in my throat, I got the balls taken out!
Bren: How do you get balls out of your throat?

UUUGGGHHH! I can see that this conversation wasn't sounding great so we had to quickly change the subject...Just a reminder...It's not normal to have large balls in the back of your throat! :)

So here are the pictures:

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Misty LaDean said...

One of the funnier things in my life, I do believe! There are some guys that would be jealous of the size of them balls!