Monday, April 14, 2008

The intelligence of our 4 year old!

Saturday night, we had just finished dinner. Avery is my great eater...she eats twice as much as Brenly does at every single setting, however she is notorious for picking EVERYTHING up and putting it in her mouth! She is especially fond of getting out of her chair, after eating everything on her plate-plus some-and eat the crumbs off the floor under her chairs (I never said that she was a neat eater!) I was cleaning up the kitchen and had not yet got to the aftermath of her dinner and I heard Ray say..."Avery, what do you have in your mouth?" (because we NEVER know what it is that she has found) Avery continues about her business and acts as if she hasn't even heard the question that Ray has posed! Again I hear Ray say, "AVERY, what is in your mouth?" After the 3rd time of Ray saying this statement...Brenly (as serious as she can be) says "Daddy, she can NOT talk, she is just a baby, why do you keep telling her that!!" It was really funny. Brenly had enough of the same question and wanted to be sure that Ray knew that Avery couldn't answer the SAME question he had been asking for the past 5 minutes!

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Misty LaDean said...

She is SO stinking smart and stuff! And, scarily enough, like Maci in some ways... Maci will do the same thing... if we ask CJ something, she is like "he is a BABY he can't talk" but see, CJ SHOULD be talking by now, and that is the problem. But nice. Cuz 3 talking kids... not so sure I can handle it!