Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out of Control Christmas...

at MiMi and Grandfather's house...Every year, MiMi tries to "warn" us that she has cut back this year and that we won't be getting as much! and EVERY year, she is SO wrong, and this time was no different! Santa Claus stopped by and dropped off some goodies for the kids and then MiMi and Grandfather proceeded to spoil us all! I am so very blessed to be in a wonderful family! Praise the Lord from whom ALL blessings flow!

Brenly's "Santa" pile

Avery's Santa pile
Rowan's Santa pile
Brenly so excited about her Ipod Touch :)
Yes, they both got one!
Look at all those sleepy eyes
Rowan LOVED his Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads
Avery and her new TuTu!
Brenly got a "Spoon"
Princess books
AND a NEW DS from MiMi and Grandfather :) Look at that face!
Grandfather explaining to Brenly that he had talked to Santa and had Him deliver the basketball goal to our house from them!
And MiMi said that she was scaling back, we weren't getting as much! VERY SERIOUSLY DOUBT this is scaling back!
Brenly's art work that she had wrapped up for me! I LOVE IT!
Her Poinsettia...WOW!
It was a semi- White Christmas
Avery letting Rowan watch Sesame Street on her Ipod Touch
He apparently figured out how to use it himself! :)

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