Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve...

This year, Christmas Eve was bittersweet! The first anniversary of the last day we spent with dad before going to meet Jesus! We all got together at Chad's house and made the most of the day...realizing now more than ever that any day could be your last!

Nonna and the older girls
Grauntie getting some lovin from Ty Austin
All the kiddos...so hard to get a good one of all of them...AT THE SAME TIME!
getting excited about present time
Kris and his mini me
Just because he is so stinkin cute!!
Grauntie and Nonna...Jenni was sitting in the same exact spot that dad was last year when I took the last picture of him... :(
After we ate, opened presents and played alittle, we headed east to Dickson to celebrate Christmas with Ray's family :)We got there just in time for church...
Some of the family, waiting to open Christmas PJ's
Precious kiddos!
Uncle Jay and some Ninja game that he and Brenly were playing
Setting up to be a white Christmas
Dad got to open his present on Christmas Eve, because he would need it for Christmas Morning...A New Camera, since they haven't had one for a LONG time!
MiMi and her babies!

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