Monday, January 3, 2011


Friday was our last full day in Orlando and we had lots planned for the day...But our most favorite was that we got tickets to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! The girls got to dress in their Halloween costumes and Party the night away!

Brenly was already planning on being a pirate for Halloween, so Ray called and got her an appointment to the Pirates League to get transformed to a "REAL" pirate!

She even got her own Pirate Name...GERTRUDE SEAGULL

We got to ahave a "Semi" private Dance Party with Woody, Jessie, and Bulleye from Toy Story...Definitely one of Avery's favorite memory :)

And even got to meet some of the Not so Popular (or not seen very often) Disney Characters

Then we went near Space Mountain for another Dance Party

Then we got to see the Not so Scarey Parade..but more importantly, we got to meet up with the Pierce's (Our worship leader from Highpoint that moved to Orlando a while back)

It was a long day...but lots of fun with lots of memories! :) They were EXHAUSTED!

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