Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting crafty

with KeKe! One night before Christmas we decided that we wanted to try out our hand at making a gingerbread house...(In all of my years, I have NEVER made one, until now)We just bought a kit with all the supplies in it and dove in...Me and Avery on a team, Brenly and KeKe on a team! You have to know that I am "a little" type A, maybe even a little OCD when it come to crafty projects like this..But I was determined to keep my personality out of it and let Avery decorate it however she wanted to...
The girls are pretty excited about it...

It takes LOTS of concentration to get all the decorations placed correctly

Avery was pretty proud of HER creation...I had NOTHING to do with the design of it!

Team Avery
Team Brenly
Looks good enough to eat...But we didn't :)

I think they turned out PRECIOUS!!! We had a great time, being crafty!

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