Friday, May 22, 2009

Our answered prayer...

or one of the many...About a month ago, our babysitter of two years, sent us a letter in the mail to inform us that effective immediately, she no longer had a childcare business...WHAT? I had less than 24 hours to find someone to watch my precious babies...OH MY GOODNESS..what does one do on such short notice...I immediately called Stephanie (a good friend from high school, who also happens to be the director at Brenly's preschool!) to inform her that we will have to pull Brenly out because there is no way that I can get her to/from since I work full time...Stephanie was SO sweet and said that she would ask a friend of hers if she was available to help me temporarily until I found someone else...In walks Jennifer into our life...and what a blessing she is! She is the preschool director for the church where Brenly attends she definitely knows kids...and actually has 6 of her own! We become FB friends and she offered to help me temporarily, because she plans on starting back to school in the fall! The first time she kept the girls, she took Brenly to school, which left her with just Avery...needless to say there wasn't a dull moment in her day! Well I had planned on using Jennifer at least until school was out and then beg some of my teacher friends to pick a day, any day that they would like to take care of my children...Last Tuesday, I had my EARLY priority time and in my prayer journal, I was pleading my case to God...these were my exact words,

"I have NO clue why I am so calm about this...I pray that its because I KNOW your provision is faithful and you did not give me these angels to be "left by themselves"...Please provide a wonderful Christian woman who will love them as much as I do, one that will protect them when i am unavailable."
That same day I kept trying to plead my case to Jennifer explaining that I really was going to find permanent care for them, asking for patience and understanding (which is two of her best qualities) and she kept reiterating that she had enjoyed keeping the girls and would love to help out as needed!
On friday on that same week, I get this email from her
"Hey. I want you to know that I really am serious on offering to keep them more over the summer. I know that I am probably way out of your way, but if you need me, I am here. Your girls have got to be the sweetest children I have ever babysat. You have done a fantastic job with them, and everyday that I have kept them has been a joy. At some point over the summer, I will go home to see my parents, but besides that we have ZERO plans made. We would love to include them in our planless plans!! LOL :)
God is once again faithful...providing my girls with a WONDERFUL, CHRISTIAN woman who loves them and is willing to give of herself to protect my babies...She is an answer to my specific prayer on TUESDAY!

I cannot thank you enough for offering to take care of my babies this summer...You have no clue how much it means to all of us...My girls LOVE you and have a blast when they are with you! Thank you for being a vessel...allowing God's servant spirit to pour through you! You are an amazing woman...and I believe it was absolutely no accident that God allowed our paths to cross! You have given us such a peace, knowing that Brenly and Avery will get the best care possible this summer! May God bless you as much as you bless others!

P.S. Thank you Stephanie pleading my case to Jennifer...If it weren't for you, we certainly would've never met her! So amazing how God allowed us to be friends many years that many years later my children would be taken care of...God's plan absolutely amazes me!