Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As if my last post didnt have ENOUGH drama...

There is more drama to add to it....Please pray for my 6 day old nephew Rowan...He was due to go back to the dr. today for a weight check..and some time between noon and 2 o'clock they decided that he needed to be rushed to the hospital...He was running a fever of 101, and because he is SO new...they wanted him to be where they could observe him very closely! They have an IV in his arm and they just proceeded to do a spinal tap...We know none of those results...but what we do know is that they are waiting on a room and will there for at least 48 hours for observation...if there is infection present they will have to stay for 7-10 days...As if having a newborn isnt hard enough...now they are dealing with all this mess...Please pray for Josh, Heather and Rowan as they go such a difficult time (and for MiMi...she has been with them all week!)

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