Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Wo-Wan...

(that's baby Rowan in Avery-ese) Last Thursday we were driving (surprise) home pretty late and we were just listening to music...Avery, completely out of the blue, says, "I need baby Wo-wan" I looked back at her and explained that I was sorry that she "needed" him, but that he was sick and in the hospital...A few seconds passed and she made this face, complete with 'daddy eyes' and a side smirk and said, "Je-Jus" As if she knew that we needed to pray for him...i told her she was right, that we needed to pray for him...we said a quick prayer with her repeating every word I said...Later that night, I was putting her to bed and we were saying our typical "Now I lay me, down to sleep" prayer...We said Amen and she looked at me with her little hands folded and said..."Wo-wan" Confused as to why I had completely skipped over praying for him...We quickly said our prayers for him and his mommy and daddy...and then and only then was she ready to go to bed!
Lord, may my children always know the importance of praying for those we love...and may they remind me often...when I forget to pray!

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Shannon said...

So stinkin sweet