Monday, November 8, 2010

Our First Hollywood Studios Adventure...

and adventure it turned out to be....We got there a little before noon, and we had agreed that we were going to head straight to The new Toy Story ride...We had heard that it always had a long line, so we thought we would got there first (keep in mind that Avery is still not 100% herself just yet) we get there and ALL of the FastPasses have been given for the day AND the wait time for the ride was 120 MINUTES AND you couldn't use a stroller while waiting in line...Needless to say, we just kept on walking! Avery (and the rest of us) would've been miserable. We made it around to the Muppet Show 3D and the line was bad at all, so we started there!

We got out of there and after looking for a map for a while, realized that ALOT of Hollywood Studios was shows with specific showtime, so you always have to Hurry Up to get in line and then wait quite a bit for showtime...You also must know that HS is ALL concrete with very few shady spots, so it was REALLY HOT and the crowd was CrAzY for this particular day that we were there! We made our way over to the Playhouse Disney show, we were one of the first people in line, but then we had to wait to even get in the building, to then wait to see the show...LOTS of waiting!!

While waiting in line we see some of the Little Einsteins and Handy Manny

By this time is was about 2:00 and we needed to head over to find a spot for the Block Party Parade that started at 3:00...(see I told you, hurry and find a spot then wait for an hour!) We found a "somewhat" shady spot...but it was still hot, and we all were alittle miserable...We got some water and ice cream and tried to make the most of our wait! And then it was time-- I have to say that HS really knows how to do a parade...The floats stop in the middle of the street and they all literally have a dance party...One of the "army men" from Toy Story was in front of us and he was pretty funny! Had Avery felt better she would have been dancing like crazy, but it just wasn't in her! :(

then we went over to WAIT on the Indian Jones show...Ray really wanted to go see it, and I wasn't sure how the girls would react, but they LOVED it!

and this is how Avery felt after that...She's hot, she's tired and she's had about enough

So we go and chill out ( was H-O-T) in the restaraunt that we had reservations for! and after that we had to RUSH to get seats for Fantasmic, and this time we got there at 6:00 and it didn't start until 7:30, so we have LOTS of time to we have fun, wasting time! :)
(and look what dinner and a little cool air will do to a sick baby...she was feeling better!)

Then it was time for Fantasmic...We had a great time!

It was A FUN-filled day (with several moments of NOT-SO-FUN!) and we were hanging onto the Hope that tomorrow would be a new day, one full of fun...with 2 HEALTHY girls!!

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