Friday, November 5, 2010

Another day..

another disaster...Not really disaster, just emotional roller coaster...Monday was a pretty important day...We had reservations to eat with Mickey and the Gang at Chef Mickey's...We all woke up (alittle worn out because of the past two very interrupted nights of sleep) and got ready, and noticed that Avery was SO stopped up, sore throat, yellow snot (sorry, so gross, but important to the story) When we were at the doctor, she generously gave us a prescription for an antibiotic, saying that Avery's immune system was weakened and that she may develop cold/sinus infections symptoms...and wouldn't you know it...That was just the case...Monday morning would be the first morning for Avery on Antibiotics (necessary to know that Avery and antibiotics don't always go good together!)
We got ready and headed to the Contemporary Resort for Chef Mickey!

as soon as we got through eating with Mickey and Friends, we decided we were going to head over to Hollywood Studios! (I must add that it was pretty hot this day, and Avery is still having fever off and on AND Hollywood Studios was P-A-C-K-E-D...and alot of the shows have really long lines in which strollers aren't allowed! Here we go!)

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