Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our first bit of "Magic"...

at Magic Kingdom! (although we don't consider it magic but the mighty power of prayer! We had people all over praying for our family, esp. sweet little Avery and we know that is why things turned around so quickly for us!)

We woke up and Avery was ready to go...No sign of fever, her smile had returned and we were so excited, for this is the day we had been waiting for...entering Magic Kingdom for the first time...

We enter the gates and Pinocchio was there to greet us...

and we round the corner and there it sat...Cinderella's castle...Avery was so excited

We quickly jump in front of it to get our picture taken

and then head on over to the Dumbo ride (everyone had said to go there first :)

so much fun!! After riding a few rides near Dumbo (Peter Pan, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh) We went over to Mickey's ToonTown Adventure

our first "roller coaster experience" :)

Brenly LOVED it, Avery did NOT!

It's amazing that Mickey Mouse knows how to grow pumpkins in the shape of his head :)

Avery hanging out in Minnie Mouse's house, sitting in her chair! She LOVED her house!

we ate lunch

and We walked back around the Castle

and headed over to TomorrowLand and while Ray and Brenly rode Stitch (Avery wasn't tall enough) Avery decided to go shopping and spend a little bit of her money..on some sassy Belle Shades...She was so proud

Brenly holding Avery as we wait on Buzz Star Command ride!

Zurg captured the girls, but not for long :)

All my "aliens"

and meeting Buzz Lightyear...

after we had a big time in tomorrowland it was about 1:45 and you know what that means, its time to find a good place to sit for the parade that starts at 3:00. so we get a drink and some blue cotton candy and wait...

For the "Dreams come True" Parade

After the parade we headed back over to ToonTown so that we could meet the "Fairies" (Avery was going to be Tinkerbell for Halloween, so she was very excited!
Let me just say that I would have NEVER sat in this line for an hour and 15 minutes...but since she was going to be Tinkerbell, we HAD to meet them!



Vidia...the fast flying fairy

After the fairies it was almost to say goodnight to all our company...But as we were leaving the park, they were having a dance party...and Avery was feeling better, so she was ready to get down :)

We had such a fun day with LOTS of smiles...Now it was time to go back to the hotel and REST!!!!
(sorry for smothering this post with SO MANY PICTURES!!)

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