Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's not a deer...

but it is a sweet pet...We finally got a puppy! Brenly has been begging for the past 3 years for a puppy...we have put her off long enough, and after she completely attached herself to the deer for a night, we figured it was time to really start looking for a one! We really have been try for a few months to adopt a puppy from the animal shelter...We called a few months ago, and the one that we really wanted...apparently 50 more people wanted him too! We missed out on that one! Then last Monday we called about a "Daisy" and they said that she had already been adopted...Brenly was devastated! On Wednesday, I got back on the website and there were two more puppies just like Daisy. Come to find out they were Daisy's sisters, but they hadn't been put on the website...I called to find out if they were still available and she said that they were, but if we wanted one, we needed to come now...Lap dogs usually go really quick! We went to the shelter and saw both of the puppies and Brenly fell in love immediately...I KNEW that we would be leaving with a puppy that day! Ray and Brenly liked one of the pups, Avery and I like the other pup...Brenly won out and Bella became ours :0)

She is really a good dog! We have already been working on crate training her for the night and she has done great! She had grown to love it and even goes in there during the day to rest! She barks very little, and now we are just praying that she learns to be potty trained REAL SOON!! You tend to forget that part!!

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Kendall said...

Yay! Congrats :)

The crate training will help with the potty training.