Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few of the reasons that we are thankful for our KeKe...

1. She lives about a mile and a half away from our house, so she can visit us alot!
2. She is a cheer leading sponsor which means that we get to go watch the "big cheerleader girls"
3. She can get us into high school football games
4. we can get "on the field" at said football games
5. She is available to pick us up from school and Mrs. Monika's house when we are in need of some help
6. After helping with pick ups, she is usually really good to include prizes, whether it be from the dollar store, target, Rita's or Sonic, etc...
7. She plays crazy games with us like dance party...with loud music and strobe lights :)
8. She knows us just about as good as our parents, but we send to get away with alot more when we are with her!!
9. She was in charge of Freshman Frenzy at the high school and invited us...

10. She LOVES us as if we were her very own!!

Thanks for all you do for us KeKe! You're the BEST!!

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