Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Green Stars and birthdays!!

Because we were celebrating Brenly getting all green stars last semester AND Baylee was celebrating her 3rd birthday we decided to all load up and take the girls (and boy) to Incredible Pizza! We had a great time, playing games, riding go-karts, eating pizza and being together! God has blessed us like crazy with such a wonderful family!!
Baylee's makeup..from us! Avery thought she needed some! :)

All the girls, ready to play!


Fast forward about 10 years..YIKES!!!

Ty's faces crack me up!

Put your hands up, they're playing my song...

Sweet momma and baby girl that is NOW 3!!

CONCENTRATION is written all over her face!

Can you see them getting into TROUBLE in about 13 years! :)

Uncle Chad taunting Brenly because he shot more deer than she did!...flash back to my younger days...

standing in line for go-karts

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