Monday, July 19, 2010

The First 4th of July Celebration

The Sunday before 4th of July we headed to Bellevue Baptist Church for their annual celebration...We always have such a good time...this year, Mandisa and Matthew West preformed and they were both great!

Apparently, Avery has decided that CJ is her boyfriend and is adamant about the fact that they are going to get married (she is really into the whole princess thing, she is going to wear a pretty dress, get married, the works!) and it seems that she took full advantage of the fact that they were together on a hot summer night, under the fireworks...she tried to make her move...and succeeded, I think! :) (yes, I pray daily for her...she wears me out! But I love her to pieces!)

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Misty LaDean said...

oh my gosh i love those kids!