Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A slumber party with Baylee...

This past weekend we got to keep Baylee for Friday nigt and Saturday while her mommy and daddy went to a marriage conference! My girls we SO excited to have her come and spend the night...Baylee however wasn't so sure about the idea! God bless her sweet heart- she is so much like her aunT (that is me) its not funny!! Growing up, I was SUCH a momma's girl and a homebody! I can honestly say that I was much older before I started spending the night away from home (and enjoying it!) Chad and Ronni brought Baylee to my work Friday afternoon and then we headed to get Bren and Avery from Neicy's house! She was great on the ride home...and it wasn't really until after dinner that she had a come apart! We were all playing together, having a greand ole' time, and she just LOST it! Sobbing, the kind that you can't catch your breath...Another little tidbit about my niece is that she is "addicted" to mice (we aren't sure where this has come from, but she loves them...in fact my sister in law just posted this about her mouse obsession) so when she started crying we had to make sure that we had ALL of her mice (and even the one's that she found at our house...I promise the child was carrying around AT LEAST 6 mice at one time!!) and she would be okay for 30-45 mins. and then she would start thinking about her momma and daddy and lose it all over again! Around 8:00, I decided that she was EXHAUSTED and put her to bed! She slept great and woke up on Sat. and she was FINE! Never shed a tear! We had SOOO much fun with Baylee Boop Boops and so glad that she got to come spend the night! I had to take pictures and even add a video so that you know she WAS happy to be with us! (Notice the MICE in the picture above :) Thank you Uncle Chad and Aunt Ronni for letting us have her for Friday and Saturday! We can't wait for you to ask us again!

Sorry about the quality of the video, the lighting was horrible but her laugh was so darn cute that I had to hurry and get the camera...and who needs a quality video when you can hear that laugh!!!

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Ronni said...

awwww....thanks for keeping her for us and for loving her through her come aparts!!!!