Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy "Balentime's" Day!

That would be Valentine's for all of you that don't have children! Saturday morning we all woke up (Brenly and Maci and I woke up first!) and Brenly had decided that because Maci was our guest that she got to pick the order in which we did things for the day! (Brenly was just so glad to have a visitor out in the country she was willing to do just about anything to keep her happy...she loves living in the country, but she certainly misses having friends who will come and visit :) Maci decided that we were going to make a "balentime" craft first! I get all the supplies together so that we could start on our first craft of the day (I had several planned:)

We made heart flowers and the girls got to write what they loved about the person they were giving them too! They were so cute...however after the first flower--they were done with that creative project...Now they were hungry! So I quickly clean up our mess so that I can get to the kitchen and make "balentime" pancakes...I made Heart Pancakes as well as "i <3 u " pancakes and they were pretty darn cute, if I might say so myself! They loved them and gobbled them up!

then all the girls decided that they needed to get there picture taken before we started the next craft...candy necklaces!!

we then ended up the day with "balentime's" Sonic! Ray had to work so I loaded all of the girls in the car and headed to dinner!

and it just so happened that everybody wanted Ice cream for dessert..and who can resist little girls!
We had a great day and hope that all of you had a great "balentime's day as well!


Misty LaDean said...

thank you for making balentines day so special for at least one of my children! looks like yall had a blast! i am thankful for you!

Amy said...

What cuties!! And you do look like you had so much fun, and now you have me craving some heart you deliver?