Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It was a small celebration...

but it was still lots of fun! Yesterday Avery turned 2! I took off work to spend the day with girls and am so glad that I did! It's days like yesterday that allow me to make memories that will last forever...I woke up and made Happy birthday blueberry muffins and waited for Avery to wake up...I mean, this is my child who wakes up with the chickens...and it was 9:00 before she opened her eyes...I mean she was taking advantage of the opportunity to be able to sleep (we are usually out the door by 6:25am) We ate blueberry muffins and chocolate milk (her favorite) and then Brenly woke up and we got to give her a little present

(the big present is the fact that they are sharing their birthday party at Pump It Up next month!)Then we went outside and played...It was windy, but it was warm...I was determined to get fresh air...we came inside, ate lunch and laid the birthday girl down for a nap! While she was sleeping, Brenly and I decided that we were going to make Avery's birthday cake...Brenly had already suggested that we make a blueberry cake (not for the taste, but because her favorite color is BLUE! In Brenly's world everything is blue...if it is good, it has to be blue!) So I suggested that instead of a blueberry cake, why didn't we make blue icing with blue food coloring...she was amazed by my crafty-ness! (Doesn't take much to impressed that girl of mine!)

WE then proceeded to make homemade chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese (that is really the only thing that Avery LOVES to eat...don't get me wrong she will eat ANYTHING...we call her our own personal vacuum...if you don't want it...give it to Avery!)
So we ate a yummy dinner and then we got to eat our BLUE cake!

We had a fun day, just us as a little family, celebrating one of God's greatest gifts...Avery Ray!!

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