Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My baby is TWO!!!

I cannot believe that Avery had her 2nd birthday yesterday! Time certainly does fly by...I vividly remember two years ago...Not knowing whether she was a boy or a girl (I was CONVINCED that "it" was a boy...and Brenly was too! She kept saying that Jesus told her it was a boy!) Obviously we were very wrong...I also remember them putting this light haired child in my arms, "where in the world did SHE come from?" I was so used to my dark haired baby, that I NEVER imagined that God would give us a red-head! However God has blessed our family so much by giving us Avery Ray and I pray that she continues to grow in the Lord, developing into the young woman that God has designed her to be! What an honor it has been to be your parents Avery...We love you more than you will ever know and we thank you for what you have brought to our lives!

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Amy said...

She is always such a doll! Hard to believe that she is already 2 yrs old! It just flies by so fast; so awesome that you blog all of it so you can remember it.