Sunday, June 8, 2008

The results are in...

and she wore THE DRESS!!! and smiled as well!! YEA!
And Uncle Jay and Aunt Jenna are married and lounging in Jamaica right now(I am very jealous)

We had a weekend FULL of lots of activities...cookout, visitors, rehearsal dinner, and finally the wedding and we are now EXHAUSTED! I feel like we have gone non-stop since last Wednesday, but we've had a large time! Friday night we had rehearsal dinner and I was in charge of decorations (by myself, YIKES)

The rest of the family was in the wedding so I told mom-in-law that I would be happy to leave early and get the decorations on the table while they were all at the actual rehearsal part...Everything looked good and dinner was great! We had a corner of the country club inundated with kids stuff... toys, cheerios, apple juice, etc...I had both of my girls, my niece Baylee, and another "cousin" of ours and really wanted to keep them as occupied as possible. And all of them did great!

We used the rest of the evening to take several pictures of the fam...thought I would let you see a few of them...

We didn't get home until pretty late that night and had to get up the next morning to go with MiMi to get her hair done...After helping get packed for his honeymoon (yes, he did wait until noon the day of his wedding to get all of his things together...he gives me a large headache, but we shared lots of "Wonderful" memories and I love him a ton!)

we had to start getting ready for the big wedding. Which means that I had to get Avery, Brenly and myself ready! I had been in countdown mode with Brenly all day (IN 4 hours we WILL be putting in your dress for Uncle Jay's wedding, in 2 hours we will be brushing your hair and putting a barrette in it, in 30 minutes we are going to look like a "princess", you get the picture...this truly was an all day affair) Finally the moment arrived and a princess she became...and although she would never admit it, (it would demolish her "tomboy" image that she has worked so hard to achieve) I think that she kinda liked it! She looked beautiful and was ready for her duty as flower girl.

After hours of trying to get Avery to take a nap (it failed..the one day that she HAD to take a nap, she refuses...its just my luck)

we had to leave to get to the church by 4:45 for pictures. I was very lucky that there was a nursery nearby in the church, however I missed most of the wedding because my child was screaming (again, just my luck) Everyone looked beautiful and the ceremony turned out great!

I heard that Brenly made funny faces the whole time and even once looked at MiMi and Grandfather while they were whispering something and said, "SHHHHH" out loud! But you know what...She stood up there in a dress and didn't make a sound, so I don't care what faces she made! After lots of pictures of everyone we were off to the reception...

It was outdoors and it was hot, but it was beautiful...and I am sooooo mad at myself because I left my camera and took ZERO pictures at the reception....(so I am hoping that if you are reading this...Uncle Jerry, Nana, Uncle Scott, Aunt Donna, Edwards Family - Ronni has already sent me the ones she took- Please forward them on to me!) But it was LOTS of fun! food, friends, fellowship, fun, frolicking (ok dancing, but dancing didn't fit in with those words) Avery (keep in mind that she REFUSED to take a nap so by 8:30ish, she was NONE to happy to be celebrating this PawPaw and Grandma graciously took Avery home and put her to bed so that Ray and I could stay and enjoy the evening...A huge thank you to PawPaw and Grandma Wright...we can't thank you enough for helping us out!

Ray, being the best man gave a great toast to the bride and groom...(which was no small miracle, the fact that he got up in front of ALL of those people was amazing...) He did and great job and it was rather funny...I was proud of him! Brenly had lots of fun and even made up a few new dance moves (keep in mind that this is the child with ZERO rhythm)

and at one point late in the night...decided to get on top of one of the table and take the table cloth and use it as a blanket and lay down for a few minutes.
The bride and groom left at around 11:15ish and then we headed home...After everything settled down, we all probably didn't get to bed before 1:30-2:00 and Avery was wide eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30...UUUGGGGHHHH! So we are still miserable! But everything turned out great and I am glad to have been a part of it all! Thanks to all of you who prayed a quick prayer for us! It all went wonderfully!

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