Thursday, June 12, 2008

Let's do the math...

Most of you know that at the end of Last year we sold our house and moved to, well, "The Sticks"...and most of you also know that we are trying to keep everything relatively the same until September (That is when Ray gets off probation and we could possibly get transferred again!) I don't want to change everything and then in Sept. Possibly have to change all over again...AND so, that means that we still have the same babysitter, the same church, my same job...which is all very far from where we live...This week has been esp. hard because I will have "come into town" 7 days...and that makes my brain hurt. This morning I was trying to figure out hours in the car, gallons of gas that I need, money that we spend etc...So I would like to break it down for you...(not that you truly care, but since I print all of this out and keep it in a journal, it will be interesting to look back and see how CRAZY my life was!)

Every Day: (4 work days, plus 1 church)
-drive 150 miles/day
-210 minutes = 3 hours and 40 minutes
every 3 days I must fill up my gas tank = 14.6 gallons at 3.89 = $56.80
that means that in one week
-I drive approx. 750 miles (but you should add in a few extra for other trips we might take, to Walmart, friends and family so we will round it up to 800 miles
-I spend approx. 18 hrs. and 20 min. (that is just for the 5 days) so lest add another 2 hours on just because
-I spend approx. $113.60 in gas, except that is just for 6 days, so we will round that up to $125.00
So for 1 month.the grand total becomes
-approx. 3000 miles!
-73 hrs. 20 min. (rounded up to 80 hours) in the stinkin car!
-$500.00 a month in gas!

(and nobody is allowed to go and check my math...I never claimed to be a mathematician...I just wanted to get an idea!)
And now you know how I spend some of my 3 hours a day in the car (thinking about all this mess) And it makes my stomach hurt!

So if there is ever a time that I have turned down an invitation to do something with certainly isn't because I don't love you and don't want to spend time with you...

And the silver lining in all this is...At least I get to spend 80 hours a month, worshiping the Lord with K-LOVE...(we'll round down to about 70 hours...because my children listen to Veggie Tales, Disney, etc)

Just pray for all of us! Like I said this week has been especially hard..and it is really taking a toll on me...and my poor little car...and Avery esp. despises being in the car, so I think we are all over it! Just pray that God will make it obvious where we are to go in Sept. We love Hardeman Co. but we have prayed from the very beginning, that we will go wherever God needs us! And we want to truly be ready and willing when He calls!


Misty LaDean said...

If you are saying all that so that I will feel sorry for you about turning down my swimming invite, it ain't working!

Misty LaDean said...

except I am just kidding and I am SO sorry you are having a horrible week and it WILL get better... you totally will look back on this one day and not know how you did it. You ARE the modern day Superwoman! LOVE YOU!

Kress Smith said...

Wow! I was wondering all of the above. Maybe Ray will get transferred to Tipon County and ya'll can come join our claim and peaceful life. We are truly out of the rat race and praise God for it.