Friday, February 11, 2011

She's FOUR!!!

Can't believe that my littlest baby is now four! The years have flown by and she has blessed us so much! We decided to wake her up with a little birthday present...

It was so funny, after she realized that it was her birthday, she looked at me and said..."But I don't feel four! Did I grow any?"

Brenly got her the dress that she has been eyeing from Target...

And of course, She HAD to put it on for her big day! SASSY!!!

She decided that for her birthday she wanted to get her ears pierced! We discussed many times about how getting earrings would hurt a little bit and how if she got one pierced, she would have to follow through with the second one! She knew all the facts and wanted to go through with it! So we went to Claire's...She was really excited, especially when the woman working there, let her borrow a bright pink boa AND a pink birthday crown :)

It was time...Look at the look on that sweet face, I think she was seriously reconsidering her decision at this point!

She did GREAT! NO tears, she was shocked for a minute, but she was SO PROUD of her one purple amethyst (her birthstone..and one of her two favorite colors, the other is PINK!)

And then it was time to do the other ear...SHE LOST IT!!! Starting screaming hysterically, I yelled to the woman, to just get it done..AND QUICK!!!

Can you see that she is NOT so happy...

I told her that I needed at least one smile with her earrings...this is ALL that she was giving me!

But thank goodness, that only last for just a little while..and then she wanted to get down and see the HUGE selection of earrings that she gets to pick from (after 6 weeks is up and she can take these out...although, she did tell me that she was NEVER taking them out...she thinks it will hurt as much as getting them done, bless her sweet heart!)

We got home just in time, for God to give her a birthday present of LOTS of snow!

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