Thursday, February 17, 2011


Brenly's two front teeth (on the top--she has already lost both of the bottom teeth) have been loose for quite sometime now...and me, being her hygienist momma, have been trying to encourage her to get them out!! She has taken her sweet precious time, UNTIL yesterday when I received a call from her best buddy saying that he had lost his tooth! Then, and ONLY then, was she ready for me to work on getting hers out...We worked for about 15 minutes...

and before we knew it, BRENLY had pulled it out all by herself...and she was SO PROUD of herself!

This morning when I dropped her off for school, I was sure to get a picture of her and E...They lost the EXACT same tooth within and hour of each other!

and then his sister wanted to get in on the action, although she had no gap in her mouth :)

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