Monday, June 7, 2010

She never wants us to forget...

Do you remember back on Christmas Day when we got the shockingly tragic news that dad had been killed in a tragic car accident???
Well, just hours before he passed away, Dad had called both Chad and I to ask about what the girls got for Christmas...HOWEVER when Dad called Chad something pretty crazy happened...Chad picked up his phone and looked at his caller ID...It was my dad's phone number, but it said "BRENDA DEATON"...Chad immediately called me and let me know that mom was making sure that we were remembering her on Christmas Day! And after what happened with dad its was almost as if she was "calling him home"!!

We just a few short months later my precious baby nephew was born!!! But before that day something crazy happened...My brother and sister in law have been in their house for about 5 years and this has never happened before...But on Sunday night before Ty was born (on Monday) Chad went to his mailbox and found THIS...

A Lifeway Bookstore Flyer...address to "BRENDA DEATON"
How crazy that on two of the the most important days of our life...the day that dad was called home, and the day that God blessed us the a precious angel from heaven...Our momma wanted to make sure that we never forget that she is still very much a part of our lives!!

Momma, it has been almost 11 years since we have seen your face, yet the memories we have of you, and the fact that you "contacted" us twice in the past couple of months keeps you very close to our hearts! We love you like crazy and miss you more than you will ever know!!

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Misty LaDean said...

i am sitting her crying! stop it! :)