Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day!

This past weekend we decided since daddy was going to have to work all weekend, that we wold make our way to Dickson to spend the weekend at MiMi and Grandfather's!! We are soooo very excited that they decided to put in a pool this summer and we couldn't wait to get there and try it out! We had a great time and feel like we will be spending lots of weekends up there! :)

Brenly takin a splash in the pool...LITERALLY! :)

(Aunt Jenna and Avery "sunbathing"...notice that Lamby is right there with her!)

(Brenly is THRILLED to have a pool to swim in...she was in the water more than she was out)

(Uncle Jay was trying to "read" his phone and the sun was so bright that he couldn't he hid under the towel)

(I guess Aunt Jenna and Avery thought they were missing out on something so they crawled under there as well!)

(A fierce game of water volleyball)

(NayNay was the referee:)

(Avery and her baby cousin Rowan, who is getting so big!)

(I am not even sure that I can explain this just explains itself, right! Just know that guacamole was being made and Avery found two unused avocados!!and she did this ALL BY HERSELF, she was not prompted in the least!)

I KNOW, we are IN TROUBLE!!! For sure...

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