Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day Superstitions...

Now that we have a Kindergartner, we have learned all about Snow Day Superstitions! Brenly came home from school on Wednesday and said that we needed to do ALL these things so that she could get a "snow day" from school! I asked her what ALL we had to do and this was the list:
We have to put a spoon under or pillow (check)

We have to wear our pajamas inside out (check)

We have to flush 2 ice cubes down the toilet (check)

We have to leave 2 ice cubes in the toilet and let them melt (check)

We have to do the snow dance (twirling around in your bed, check)

After all of that, I told her that even though we had done ALL these things, it still may not snow, and she still may not get out of going to school. I asked her "Who is still in charge?" She answered, "God" That's right and so if God thinks that we don't need snow, then we wont get it, and you will go to school!
She understood and quickly went to bed (with a spoon and a tooth under her pillow....I wonder if the tooth fairy was confused by the spoon :)

Lo and behold....we got just a dusting of snow...AND she got out of school!

I had one happy Kindergartner this morning!!


Anonymous said...

I am impressed and will share this with my 8th graders. They could not sit still all day! Finally we had snow at about 3pm and at 3:30 as they were to leave we went outside and watched it snow! It still amazes me how exciting it is when it snows. Thanks for sharing your story. I have enjoyed all the memories.
Ann Henley

Diana said...

I am from India so didn't know about snow day superstitions..its so amazing. You are indeed blessed by Our Lord:)

Misty LaDean said...

that is so stinkin cute! and look, I WAS able to get on here today!