Thursday, December 10, 2009

Elf on the Shelf..

it has been one of the favorite Christmas traditions and it just started a few weeks ago. Gran gave Brenly and Avery an Elf on the shelf. And they have fallen in LOVE with him!
Elf on the shelf (for those who don't know) is an Elf that you "adopt" from the North Pole...He sits in your house during the day, and at night he flies (with the help of a little Christmas Magic) to the North Pole and tells Santa about the McMillen household--have they been good or bad, what they want for Christmas, are they keeping their rooms clean, etc--and then by the next morning he has flown back to our house, but every morning he lands in a different spot, and you try to find his new location...You can talk to the Elf all you want, but he can't talk back (He has to be very attentive and just listen, so he can report back to Santa Clause) and you can't touch him for fear that he may lose all his Christmas magic.
We registered our Elf with the North Pole and they named him McElf McMillen...and he has been showing up all over our house! They can't wait to get up every morning to try to find out exactly where he landed! Brenly even claims that McElf has eaten one of her chocolates out of her Advent Calendar :)
What a neat tradition that has started at our house! Thanks to Gran and Papooh for such a wonderful Christmas Surprise!!
McElf landed by Baby Jesus, for I am sure that he understands that Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birthday :)

Brenly finding the McElf, I just love her smile in the morning!

Avery seeing McElf, I am telling you, they roll out of bed to find him, look at that Hair!!

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Diana said...

I had a wonderful time taking a look at the cute photos. The way you all celebrate Christmas is wonderful.It was touching.God bless you.