Thursday, December 10, 2009

Collierville Christmas Parade...

and it was COLD! But we had such a fun time...We got to Melanie's house, had hot dogs and chili with lots of other goodies and then walked out of her back door onto Byhalia to sit and watch the parade! What a fun night!

Brenly, Ethan, Avery and Ellie

Daddy and Avery

Daddy, Brenly and Avery

Emma and Taylor

Ethan, Carla, Ellie and Scott


Brenly and Ethan

Me and Carla

Lanny and Kaci

Brenly and Uncle Lanny

Uncle Lanny and Brenly during a "mean face stare down"

Uncle Scott and Brenly during a "mean face stare down" (and Uncle Lanny making a crazy face)

Riley, Uncle Richie, Luke

Luke and Ethan

Uncle Richie and Aunt Christy

Santa Clause behind some Harley's :)

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