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I don't know what you call it...It was just good! For the past several weeks my church has been learning the differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity and it has been a very informative series...This past Sunday, Dr. Ken Easley, a seminary professor at Union University came to give us a brief overview of the entire Bible...It was very good to hear it in such a concise manner...one that was easily understood...I really enjoyed it and can't wait to get my hands on the extended version of his message. I took some notes on Sunday and just wanted to share them for anyone who cares...It was a very interesting look at the Bible as a whole!

From Promises to Reality:
How Christianity Fulfills the Ancient Plan God Promised

"He has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature...(2 Peter 1:4 ESV)

Prologue: The Need For Redemption
(Genesis 1-11)
*The Fall-we were incapable of following God's plan
*The Flood
*Confused Speech (Babel)
Humanity is a race of rebels against God
These four things happened to the entire nation

1. God builds His Nation: Israel, the people of His promises (they were the "chosen" people)
(Genesis 12- 1 Kings 11; 2000-931 BC)
*Call of Abraham
Covenant Promising Worldwide Blessing (Genesis 12)
*Exodus (Redemption from Egypt) great picture in the Old Testament of Salvation
*Law (from Moses) and Land (from Joshua) were established
Temporary Covenant of the Law (Exodus 20)-- 10 Commandments
*Kingship (through David) and Temple (through Solomon) were established
Covenant Promising Eternal Son of David (2 Samuel 7--God promised that a son of David would always be ruling)

2. God educates His Nations: Israel, the People of Disappointment
(1 Kings- 2 Kings 25, Isaiah and Wisdom Books; 931-586 BC)
* Nation Divided into two Rival Kingdoms
*Northern Kingdom (Israel) Conquered (by Assyrians led by Jonah...learned that idolatry doesn't pay)
*Southern Kingdom (Judah) Conquered the Temple Destroyed (by Babylonians and Nebikenezzar)
God was very patient with his people and they FINALLY got the lesson

3. God Keeps a faithful remnant: Israel the People of Anxious Hope
(Ezra- Esther; many prophets 586-6 BC)
* Return from 70 year Captivity
*Law and Land reestablished
*Second Temple Built (Still no king)
*Four- Metal Image: The Wait Predicted (Daniel 2)
---Head of Gold; Babylon (modern Irag)
---Chest of Silver; Persia (modern Iran)
---Belly of Bronze; Greece
---Legs of Iron; Rome
(symbolized the coming of our Lord)
New Covenant Promising Forgiveness and Transformed Life (Jeremiah 31)
---where we would be changed from the inside out!

4. God Fulfills Redemption; Messiah Begins the Kingdom
(Matt., Mark, Luke, John; 6 BC- AD 30
*Incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus
*Life of Jesus
---12 years of childhood; 6 BC- AD 6
---20 years of obscurity; AD 6-26
---3 years of ministry; AD 26-30
(this is the Climax of the story...all of these years point to his death and resurrection
*Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Exaltation of Jesus
---Fulfills Covenant Promising Worldwide Blessing
---Fulfills Covenant Promising Eternal Son of David
---Fulfills Covenant Forgiveness and Life Transformation
---Fulfills (Ends) Covenant of the Law

5. God Spreads the Kingdom Reality; Church, the people of the Living Promises
(Acts and the Epistles; AD30- ?....Don't know exactly how long this "chapter" will last)
*Beginning of the Church in Jerusalem
---New Age of the Spirit
*Expansion of the Church
---Jew and Gentile as One Body of Christ
*Church History
---Temple and Israelite Nation is now OBSOLETE
---Shadows Gone in the Light of Christ's coming

6. God Finalizes All His Promises
(Book of Revelation); AD???
*Satanic Wrath against God's People...Satan has always been against God's people
*God's Wrath against Satan and All Evil
---The beast of the sea (Anti-Christ)
---The beast from the land (Anti-Spirit)
---The dragon (Anti-Father)
(Satan attempt to "mock" the Trinity)
ALL are destroyed in the coming of Christ
---the last plagues and the final exodus
*The Coming of Christ in Glory and Resurrection
*Martyrs Rewarded and Final Judgement (Rev. 20)

Epilogue: New Heaven and New Earth (Rev. 21-22)

I am sure that these notes aren't near as exciting as Dr. Easley preaching it on Sunday...but it all made perfect sense and I am so glad that I was able to hear His perspective...

Feel free to stop by
and listen to Dr. Easley for yourself...His sermon should be up by now!
OR you can go to Amazon.com and order the fuller version of the same message called...
"The Illustrated Guide to Biblical History" by Dr. Ken Easley

He also mentioned 2 other books that he has written that might be helpful
"The Hollman Quicksource Guide"
"The commentary on Revelation"

Hope that you got as much out of this as I did!
God Bless!


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