Monday, November 3, 2008

Corruption of my oldest child...

and it's my brother's fault! Chad L-O-V-E-S Alabama football and always has...tried for YEARS to get me to love them and just never fell head over hills in love with them like he wanted me too! And because of that, he has decided to corrupt my children instead! (Notice than Brenly has a Tennessee cheerleader uniform on with Uncle Chad's Alavama hat!)
It was the night of the Tennessee/Alabama football game and Ray had to work...So it was me and the girls at home...I told Brenly that it was time to check the score of the game...This was our conversation that followed:
Me: Oh man, Alabama is REALLY beatin Tennessee
Bren: YES! (with much excitement)
Me: What do you mean, YES!
Bren: I LOVE ALAVAMA (yes, she replaces the "b" with a "v")
Me: NO, you love Tennessee
Bren: Nuh-uh..Uncle Chad, Aunt Ronni and Baylee Boops love I do too!
Me: I don't think so
Bren: (proceeding to sing LOUDLY) Tennessee is losin. Alavama is winnin. Tennessee is losin. Alavama is winnin!

I am no loner talking to her and I immediately pick up the phone to cuss my brother out. God has given Him his OWN child to corrupt...why does he have to take mine down with them?
I explain the story to Aunt Ronni and she is LOVING it! She proceed to tell me brother and he has the biggest smile on his face (it always was his job, to do whatever necessary to make sure that he got under my all times...SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE!)

So I get off the phone..and Brenly is still making up songs and dances about...Tennessee is losin, Alavama is winnin!

A few minutes later...Brenly asks, "Mommy, What team do you think Jesus loves?" I was laughin so hard on the inside, trying to hold my laughter in ask, "Well, Bren...what team do YOU think Jesus loves?" Her response:


Is it not enough that you turn my child against her roots, but that you would incorporate Jesus with it and get Him on your team as well!

Krotzer says that it is time to get her a new translation of the bible...for she is sure that Jesus never spoke about lovin ALAVAMA!!!

Thanks bubba for ruining a perfectly good child!!


Forrester Fam said...

Roll Tide, Brenly!!

Anonymous said...

I have proof that God loves Tennessee the most...

Have you not heard of the Good Samaritan??? Whatever you do unto the least of these you do also unto me??? Love your neighbor as you love yourself???


Jesus does not like Alabama... Helloooo... he calmed the storm and hence stopped the "TIDE"!!!


Rocky top you'll always be... the favorite of G-O-DDDDD! Good all Rocky top... Rocky Top Tennessee!


Nicole said...

I love it! My hubby is such a huge Bama fan, that Mitch's middle name is Bryant! Roll Tide!