Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Okay, Okay...

I have officially been reprimanded, not once but twice! On two separate occasions, I have received "lashings" because I have been MIA here on McMillen Moments...however I must confess that its not because I haven't been blogging! I have bogged more in the past 3 three weeks, than I have ever blogged in my whole life! Its just that my life has been CONSUMED (literally) by the circumstances surrounding my friend Julie and her precious baby Becca! It has been a LONG road, one where a destination won't be reached for a while! But I will tell you that GOD is faithful and He has proven Himself trustworthy, over and over again! I have seen God show up and literally deliver miracles...causing much confusion and questioning by the medical staff at Vanderbilt! It was been a wild ride, but one that has literally changed lives all over the place. I hope that in my accounts of what has happened, God is revealed like never before...and that people are aware of how ALIVE and how AWESOME HE is! I promise to try to be better about visiting my own blog...continuing to document what is going on all of us! Please don't quit visiting...and while you are visiting...stop on over to the caring bridge site and pray for my friend Julie while you are there!


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Curt McDaniel said...

Just wanted to drop a note and say what you are doing is great and even though i know you don't want to hear it, you need a little pat on the back!! You are doing a good thing and everyone really appreciates the dedication you are putting into updating and getting the word out for Julie. Keep up the good work!!
My mom is the branch manager at the Trenton Regions, Debbie McDaniel, and she says the first day was remarkable to the outpouring of donations ($3000), she hasn't checked it lately but she says the checks are rolling in still!! I actually delivered donations to her from the Paris folks today.
Another note, tell Ray I said hello. You both have a beautiful family and should be very very proud of those girls, they are going to be heartbreakers. I can only imagine what heck potential dates are going to go through one day, I am just joking, but actually laughing out loud. ha ha
Alright keep your head up and know that there are alot of people praying for the Jones family.

Curt McDaniel