Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st day of preschool...

During graduated entry week...It was Tuesday after Labor Day and that was Avery's day to experience pre-school! She was able to go a full day with only a few of her classmates, so that she wasn't so overwhelmed, and the teachers were able to spend good quality time with each child to discover a little bit about their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, etc... Once again, she picked out the outfit and the hairstyle (not exactly what I had in mind, but my type A self is trying to allow her to show some independence and I realize that some battles aren't worth fighting! ) and she LOVED every minute of her fun filled day! I am so proud of her and can't believe that she is a pre-schooler, but I am thrilled about all that she will learn this year! It's going to be fun!

 We decided that since this was such a big day (and the weather was BEAUTIFUL) that we would have a chick-fil-a picnic breakfast in the back of the car :)

 Her "spot"! Look how precious she is...
 Ms. C
 Ms. F

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