Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm NOT gonna love Him!

So Avery HATES swim lessons and anything remotely related to water...I mean, she takes a bath every night, but that is the extent to her liking the water! The other day we were going to swim lesson and she says, "If I love Jesus, will he push me in the water?" I looked at her with a very puzzled look and asked what she was talking about! She quickly replied with the same exact question, "If I love Jesus will He push me in the water..and will He hold me under the water?" Still not understanding where she is coming from, She said (very frustrated I might add, that I didn't get it the first two times!...she is red headed, ya know!) "If I love Jesus will I have to get Apple-tized?" (meaning Baptized!) I had to silently chuckle as I tried to explain the reason and meaning behind baptism...We went over all it and at the end of my explanation she said, "I am just not gonna love Him, and I won't have to go under water!"
Bless her heart..Do you think that we have traumatized her with swim lessons...Not only does she hate the water, but now she is questioning whether or not she is gonna love Jesus BECAUSE of not wanting to go under water...
But she is only 3 and has since started to "like" the water just alittle bit...Perhaps now she will realize that she DOES like the water and that she CAN LOVE Jesus!! We are having great spiritual conversation at my house, even with my 3 year old!

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