Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh Right, Dear Jesus...

We have tried to make sure that our girls know that Jesus will ALWAYS be there for them. We have taught them that when we pray to Jesus, we are talking to Him and He ALWAYS listens! With Avery especially, she "prays" alot, over certain circumstances...

Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. AMEN! Dear Jesus, Keep us safe. AMEN! Dear Jesus, make me not be scared. AMEN! It is the most precious thing ever to hear your children praying to the Lord!

Avery is extremely scared of the rain...yes, just rain...She is really scared of thunder, and she knows that Thunder only happens when it rains...therefore-scared of the rain!
So the other night we went on a walk and it just so happened that as we got half way through our walk and it started sprinkling! This was the conversation that followed:
Avery: Is it raining
Me: yes
Avery: I'n scared
Me: you dont need to be scared
Avery: Oh right, Dear Jesus, help me not be scared. AMEN

Its just funny that she was going to allow herself to be scared and then quickly remembered what we have taught her so many times before...and went ahead and said a prayer!


Shannon said...

That's so stinkin sweet!!! Love her!!

Miss Honey said...

That is adorable. I would have loved to witness that. There is nothing like a Child's faith.

Misty LaDean said...

can my kids come live with you so they can be sweet too?